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          Project name

          Project type

          Project introduction


          Zero emission

          Baotou city Huamei rare earth magnesium sulfate waste-water treatment project

          Upgrading and reconstruction

          Adopting our multilevel membrane treatment+MVR evaporation treatment technology to deal with magnesium sulfate waste-water, 3000m3/d recycling water 2700 m3/d, and recycling magnesium sulfate 260t/d.

          Chemical industrial and pharmaceuticals industry

          Wanhua chemical Inc. Yantai industrial park IPN cyanide-containing waste-water treatment project

          Upgrading and reconstruction

          Cyanide-containing waste-water, characteristic pollutant is cyanide, our technology is applied before biochemical treatment, effluent water cyanide is less than 0.5mg/L, April 2019, the effluent water can reach biochemical equipment acceptance standard.


          Jiangsu Enhua pharmacy company upgrading and reconstruction project

          Upgrading and reconstruction

          Pharmaceutical waste-water, volume: 200-300m3/d,characteristic pollutant is ammonia nitrogen and aniline. Deep treatment after biochemical treatment, specifically eliminating COD, ammonia nitrogen and chroma, to ensure that the effluent water is stable and reach the standard, in the same time lower comprehensive treatment cost.

          Gansu province, Baiyin city Juyin chemical Co.,Ltd, Shachuan water treatment project.

          Upgrading and reconstruction

          Landfill leachate, volume: 300 m3/d,characteristic pollutant is anilines, adopting filtration+EP-Cavition electrocatalytic oxidation sewage treatment equipment to process landfill leachate, efficiently reducing COD, ammonia nitrogen and chroma, and completely mineralize anilines.

          This project is constructed in Jan 2018, and accepted in May 2018.

          Xingtai Longyuan waste-water treatment project  

          Upgrading and reconstruction

          Pharmaceutical waste-water, characteristic  pollutant is vitamins B12 production waste-water, adopting EP-Cavition electrocatalytic oxidation treatment, efficiently reducing COD and ammonia nitrogen. 

          Metallurgical coking

          Baogang Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Coking waste-water Treatment Project


          Upgrading and reconstruction

          Distillation of ammonia waste-water, characteristic pollutants are COD and cyanide, EP-Cavition is applied after chemical fenton as deep treatment unit, it can efficiently reduce COD, cyanide and chroma.Ensuring the follow up constructed wetlands water, blast furnace slag water and converter slag treatment water.

          Landfill leachate treatment industrial

          Chongqing Sanfeng landfill leachate waste-water project


          Landfill leachate treatment

          Landfill leachate , characteristic pollutants are organics, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, adopting MBR+Electro-Fenton+EP-Caviton Electrocatalytic Oxidation treatment equipment to deal with landfill leachate, it can efficiently reduce COD, ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen, which ensure that  emission water can reach the discharging standard, and lower comprehensive treatment cost.

          Evaporation of salt

          Hebei Fengyuan Green Technology Inc. Lingang production center sewage treatment upgrading project

          upgrading and reconstruction

          Through  multilevel membrane treatment+triple effect evaporation, deal with nitrate in nitrified waste-water, to reduce the emission of total nitrogen.

          Sludge treatment

          In 2018, Chongqing Yeyanqizu 206 well sludge cleaning treatment project


          Bidding project

          Sewage after treatment can reach emission standard, oil and sludge can efficiently be separated

          Sludge treatment

          Zhongyuan oil field oil sludge treatment project

          Sewage after treatment can reach emission standard, oil and sludge can efficiently be separated

          Electrochemistry  sewage treatment vehicle mounted

          Shenzhen pond purification treatment vehicle mounted equipment project

          Village pond water treatment

          Pond waste-water

          Volume:3m3/h, village pond water environment is very complicated, storage capacity is different, COD content is around 100-400mg/L, and for water after treatment COD content lower than 40mg/L, ammonia nitrogen is lower than 2.0mg/l, which can reach the surface water V standard.

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