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          1. Chemical wastewater, hazardous waste comprehensive treatment of (investment, construction, operation)
          The company uses a "high concentration of organic chemical wastewater electrocatalytic oxidation control technology" and "tar waste recycling toluene diamine from toluene diisocyanate (TDI) synthesis process emissions" patented technology, biological treatment technologies such as integrated chemical wastewater treatment, hazardous waste.


          2. Toluene diamine (TDA), toluene dinitramide (DNT) production and sales
          The company specializes in the production: heterogeneous  2,4,2,6-TDA 80/20, the content was 98.5%; 2,4-TDA, content of 98.5%, 99%; nitrotoluene content of 96% .


          3. External industrial waste and hazardous waste

          The company takes a variety of industrial wastewater, hazardous waste. Annual handling capacity: water: one million tons ; hazardous waste: 9,900 tons

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